Wednesday, December 26, 2007

End of the Year Surfrider Party

This Saturday is the big S.F. shindig...
This is definitely -not- just for surfers.S.F. is working for clean water, access to the beach, beach preservation and protecting special places.
Sat,. Dec. 292 p.m. - ???
Cocoa Beach Pavilion(5000 Tom Warriner Blvd. - go west on Minuteman Causeway and turn north at the golf course, then go to the east end of the parking lot)
*** Music by The Haoles with Ricky Carroll (at 2) and the Beachnuts (around 4:30), and possibly others
Free games and contests for the little tykes Paddleboard contest by Sean O'Hare from the Cocoa Beach Surf Museum Surf movie (after dark) Surf products fundraiser sale
Requested donation is $15 - includes beer / wine / barbecue Kids under 17 free with their family
...but this is also a membership recruitment event so we're not likely to turn anyone away. You know we'll take smaller donations on a beer-by-beer basis, but to be eligible for all of the raffles you wanna spring for the wristband.
Margarita bar too (donation "cash bar"),,,
The poster is at
More info is at Rick HayesChapter ChairmanSurfrider FoundationSebastian Inlet Chaptersurfridersi@yahoo.com321.779.0279 h321.652.2024 c

Humpbacks Spared from Japanese Harpoons

Japan Suspends Humpback Hunts
December 19, 2007
At the end of the year we bring some good news from the Antarctic and some vitally important information from around the world.

JAPAN TO SUSPEND HUMPBACK HUNTReports from Tokyo indicate the Japanese have told the American Ambassador they will not hunt humpbacks this season. Photo by David MartinAustralia has indicated she will send an armed vessel and aircraft to monitor the Japanese fleet and bring back evidence to support Australia's legal action against Japan in the World Court.
Your phone calls and faxes protesting Japan's dolphin hunt sent a strong message to Japanese embassies around the world. Faxes and phone calls force them to pay attention. Thanks for the reports you sent us of your interactions with embassy officials. Your voices were heard.

At the end of November Deborah Cutting and I traveled to Cape Town, South Africa for a meeting of marine mammal scientists from around the world. Reports of dangerously toxic levels in a wide range of marine mammals were highly alarming. The good news is that this subject is taking center stage at such meetings now. And implications for human health have become part of the discussion.
During 2008 BlueVoice will publish results of our collaboration with Dr. Brian Durie of the International Myeloma Foundation establishing correlations between high toxic levels in the marine environment and human cancer clusters. This document and a corresponding film will lead a massive educational effort on our part to alert public, press, legislative and regulatory agencies to this clear and present catastrophe.

For the dolphins and whales,
Hardy Jones

During 2008 we will expand our testing of marine products from Japan. Data already reveals that dolphins contain far too much mercury in their meat to be consumed by humans and that dolphin hunting should end immediately. We will also test Japanese fish exports for mercury levels in an effort to leverage the Japan Fisheries Agency into ending its support for dolphin hunting.
Our tests of fish caught in the Taiji area and sold in local markets showed all species to be safe for human consumption. This means the people of this village can eat fish but should not eat dolphin meat. One supermarket in Taiji has stopped selling dolphin meat due to its mercury content. And the schools have stopped accepting dolphin meat.
Support BlueVoice with your donations
Watch "Humpback Whales Mating" filmed in Tahiti
Link between ocean toxins and human blood cancers
Toxic Contamination in the Arctic
Watch "A Friendly Humpback Whale" Home Page
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Save Sharks, Stop Squalane

With the holidays right around the corner, many shoppers are rushing to buy last-minute gifts. But if you plan on shopping online this holiday season, we ask you to think twice before shopping at the Vermont Country Store, purveyors of a product that is deadly to sharks.
>>Take Action: Tell the Vermont Country Store to stop peddling shark squalane!

Take Action
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Earlier this year Oceana staffers were shocked to discover a company with a very familiar name, "Oceana," has been manufacturing 100 percent pure shark squalane as a skin enhancer. The irony was not lost on us that a company with our name has been promoting the death of the very species we are working to protect. But even worse, the Vermont Country Store sells the stuff.Squalane is obtained from the livers of deep sea sharks, which are some of the most vulnerable sharks in the world. Deep sea sharks typically grow slowly, mature late in life and have only a few young during their long lives. As a result, deep sea shark populations are at extreme risk and only recover very slowly. It's simply wrong to let sharks disappear for the sake of personal beauty, especially when squalane can be made from alternatives such as olives. The health of our oceans depends on the survival of sharks, and yet sharks continue to suffer at the hand of humans.'Tis the season to extend your goodwill and protect deep sea sharks. Please contact the Vermont Country Store today and ask them to stop selling this deadly product.
For the oceans ,Elizabeth Griffin Marine Wildlife ScientistOceana
Tell the Vermont Country Store to stop peddling shark squalane!

Take Action

Still looking for a last-minute holiday gift? Your pals at Oceana have got you covered! Check out this beautiful flowering tea gift set from the good folks at Organic Bouquet, featuring nine varieties of tea and flowers. A portion of the proceeds go back to ocean research and advocacy.LEARN MORE >>

Adopt a Penguin!

There's plenty of time to do some holiday shopping! Or so you told yourself two weeks agoĆ¢€¦ Don't beat yourself up for waiting until the last minute. You still have a chance to give a gift that's unique and meaningful, all from the comfort of your home or office. Symbolically adopt a penguin through Oceana and show your friend or loved one that you care about them and the oceans.
>> Adopt a penguin now!

They can survive on the frozen plains of Antarctica or along the rocky shores of Argentina, and soon their sugar cookie counterparts will survive your 350-degree oven. With all adoptions, you'll receive:
A cookie cutter in the shape of your symbolically adopted creature
An adoption certificate
A signature sugar cookie recipe, created exclusively for the Oceana adoption program by Warren Brown, star of Food Network's hit show, "Sugar Rush." And for just a bit more, you can choose to adopt some of the penguin's icy friends and also receive an original Oceana oven mitt. Order now and shipping and handling is on me!
Symbolically adopt a penguin this holiday season for you or a loved one and receive a special penguin cookie cutter.

Adopt a Penguin!
You can adopt any or all of your favorite creatures this holiday season:penguin, polar bear, seal, snowflake, starfish, seagull, salmon, ranger, turtle, shark, dolphin, whale, octopus, crab, seahorse and seashell.
You can even adopt all 16!

Skip the sweater and show you care by adopting an ocean creature this holiday season.
Happy Holidays,Maureen McGregor E-Activism Manager, Oceana

Rescue ocean policy and receive an Ocean Conservancy tote bag

Our government’s management of the ocean is harming ecosystems and may result in the extinction of some of our most precious marine mammals.
That’s why Ocean Conservancy is launching our Ocean Policy Rescue Campaign. We have to win the battle for the ocean and all marine wildlife where ocean policy is decided, right here in Washington, DC.Ocean policy needs help and we need you to help fight for coordinated, stronger ocean policy. Rescue ocean policy today and receive an Ocean Conservancy tote bag.
Ocean policy is important if you:
Care about the ocean
Dream of dolphins, thrill to watch whales, love sea turtles
Swim in the ocean or just enjoy the beach
Ocean Conservancy is the most effective organization dedicated to changing ocean policy, but we need your help.
I’m so convinced that improving ocean policy is the best way for us to achieve the ocean we all want, I’m making a special offer. If you’ve ever thought about making a substantial gift to Ocean Conservancy, a first time gift of $1,000 or more, now is the time because I will match your gift dollar for dollar, up to $50,000. Please send your most generous contribution, in any amount you can afford, as an investment in improved ocean policy and receive a cool Ocean Conservancy tote bag with our thanks.
Chris KueblerMember, Board of Directors Ocean Conservancy

Coastal Connection Newsletter

Ocean Conservancy would like to extend a sincere “THANK YOU” to all the dedicated volunteers and coordinators who participated in the 2007 International Coastal Cleanup on Saturday, September 15. We hope that you will continue to be part of this movement and participate in local cleanups in your communities all year round.
White House Unveils Plan to Address Marine DebrisOn November 2, Ocean Conservancy’s President and CEO Vikki Spruill joined First Lady Laura Bush in Biloxi, Mississippi to unveil the White House plan to address marine debris. Vikki participated on a panel discussion about marine debris in which she was given the opportunity to showcase the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC). As outlined in the First Lady’s speech, the White House will work to promote the ICC in 100 countries around the world as part of its Marine Debris Initiative.
Ocean Conservancy Releases Five-Year Debris StudyOcean Conservancy has released key findings from the National Marine Debris Monitoring Program, a five-year national study of trash in the ocean. The study, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, was conducted under the direction of marine debris consultant Seba Sheavly, and involved 600 volunteers who monitored debris in 21 coastal states, islands and territories. The study is the first significant evaluation of the marine debris problem in the United States and will help federal and state agencies—and local communities—better understand where trash in the ocean is coming from and assist in developing solutions for prevention of this serious problem.
To view the National Marine Debris Monitoring Program study, go to
Korea Hosts ICC Campaign and Marine Litter WorkshopOcean Conservancy staff participated in the 2007 Northwest Pacific Action Plan (NOWPAP) ICC Campaign and Marine Litter Workshop in Busan, Republic of Korea. The workshop provided a venue for NGOs from NOWPAP countries, including China, Japan, Korea and Russia, to highlight ICC activities and share experiences. The goal of the workshop was to promote cooperation among the governments and civic societies in the NOWPAP region to solve the marine litter problem and conserve the marine environment. The NOWPAP workshop was organized by the Korea Marine Rescue Center, Japan Environmental Action Network and the Pusan University of Foreign Studies. Ocean Conservancy helped sponsor the event.
Boaters Boost ICC
Boaters from Turtle Cove Marina in Tarpon Springs, FL participate in the ICC.Ocean Conservancy extends a special thank-you to boaters who participated in this year's Coastal Cleanup! Boaters are a crucial part of Cleanup efforts as they can target islands, mangroves, and other areas that cannot be reached by volunteers on foot. Often these islands and mangroves serve as bird rookeries and nurseries for fish and other water life. Sadly, many Cleanup volunteers noted that the islands had much more trash than the beaches. This could be a result of marine debris floating downstream in rivers and intercoastal areas and accumulating in mangrove branches and on islands. Small islands are also popular areas for boats to anchor and picnic in the summer and often lack proper garbage disposal facilities.
If you're a boater and you'd like more information on getting involved in the Coastal Cleanup or promoting environmentally responsible boating, please visit
It’s a Small World: Disney Joins Cleanup
Walt Disney World Ambassador Lowell Doringo, Mickey Mouse, Laura Capps, Jackie OgdenOver 360 "cast members" from Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line volunteered to clean up the beaches in Brevard County, Florida, collecting over 2500 pounds of trash and litter. Ocean Conservancy Senior Vice President Laura Capps joined the Disney volunteers at their annual Cleanup event, which included Disney’s most famous employee, Mickey Mouse. Capps joined Jackie Ogden, vice president for animal programs at Walt Disney World, to thank the volunteers at a breakfast pep rally before the Cleanup. Both reminded the audience that the beach along Florida's east coast that they were about to clean is an important nesting habitat for sea turtles. Ogden recounted a story about "Little Crush," a juvenile green sea turtle with a stomach full of plastic and other garbage, recently rescued and nursed back to health by Disney Animal Program staff. Ocean Conservancy thanks Walt Disney World for their commitment to conservation and their continued support of the International Coastal Cleanup in Florida!
Sonya BesteiroInternational Coastal Cleanup Manager

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