Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Whales and Anthony Hopkins need your help!

Dear Greenpeace Activist,
May 22, 2007
There are only two weeks left before the International Whaling Commission meets in Anchorage, Alaska, and everything hangs in the balance. Now Anthony Hopkins is doing his part with a new TV ad to help save the whales and we need your help to get others to do their part too. With your support, we can get our powerful TV ad on the air across the country, including Anchorage, Alaska where delegates from around the world will see it before they cast their votes.The pro-whaling nations of Japan, Iceland, and Norway are once again on the verge of winning the majority of votes, which could lead to the resumption of commercial whaling for the first time in 20 years -- our government MUST act now to stop this from happening.Our goal is to raise at least $46,549 to saturate the airwaves of CNN, Discovery Channel and the Animal Planet and to mobilize thousands of concerned individuals like you to take action to save the whales. You can make this happen with your gift of $30. The more money we raise, the louder our collective voice.
Donate Now Your support can get our TV ad aired in time to influence the ultimate decision for whales.It's time to pull out all the stops. Without significant public pressure, the Bush Administration may not take the strong stance we need them to. We need YOUR help to make that happen.Thank you for your help, Karen SackOcean Campaignerp.s. No matter what you can give, together, we can raise enough money to raise awareness. Please, make a contribution today to save the whales.

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