Thursday, April 5, 2007

Dolphin Love Love

It is the time of my life where the beach maybe only fifteen minutes from me, and the drive is delicious, but I have not had the time to be anywhere near it.

I miss myself. I miss what the dolphins/ocean give me, the replenishing, the renewing, the revibration of my soular being. Buddha does that for me also..

I am going to try and make it to the beach.... I know it is calling my name and beckoning...

The dolphins are being very patient with me right now.. I wish I was able to be that patient with myself and others.. That is what the beach brings to me....

Self knowledge of peace. bliss and sereniiittty....

Resting within my soul..

I love to do my dolphin divination card readings daily and sit with blue obsidian in the palm of my hand... Then I am wisked of to busyland... For now.
I have been over anxious latley due to my lack of time at the beach.... Getting those horrible anxiety attacks in my heart.... Needing to slooooow down, and rest, revive.. My sleeping has also been off. I tried so hard to get the Spa together so quickly that it nearly drove me nuttie! And I drove my husband nuttie too......

I do see the River ever day though..... Since the Spa is only a block away... :)

I am going to sit with the Dolphin Energy today and just be!


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