Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Practice Global Compassion for Animals

Practice Global Compassion!>>
Give 4 Minutes Of Your Love at 4pm, on April 4>>
Join Other Like-Minded Souls Around the World at 4pm (your time)>
for this Prayer/Meditation for Animals>>
444 Animals is dedicating the 2007 campaign to conservationist>
Steve Irwin who died Sept. 4 at age 44.
Steve's passion for> animals will live on in our hearts.>>> ------------ --------- --------- ------
--- ---> JOIN US AT 4:44 WITH THIS BRIEF PRAYER> ------------ --------- --------- --------- --->> We are united in spirit> sending peace, love and protection to all animals on our planet.>> To those with special needs, who may not be well,> we visualize and affirm their healing transformation now.>> For the animals getting ready to transition into the next leg> of their journey,we see them doing so blissfully and gently.>> We send love and light to those lost and missing pets> and imagine them happily reuniting with their families and friends.>> We envision all of our shelters emptied> as surrendered animals now live in nurturing, life-long homes.>> We call in extra blessings and support for all humane organizations> and the souls throughout the world working on behalf of our> animals' highest and best interests.>> We enjoy seeing our wildlife thrive> living in healthy, balanced ecosystems.>> We are open and receptive to all good;> and we welcome any miracles with a grateful heart.>> The Animals and I thank you for your participation!> Marla Steele

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