Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Unique Views into the Dolphin Universe

July 2007

Unique Views into the Dolphin Universe

Twenty-two members of BlueVoice just concluded two trips to the Little Bahama Banks to continue our relationship with a school of spotted dolphins we've known since 1978. This school has been the subject of the recent film "The Dolphin Defender" and other BlueVoice productions.


During a late afternoon dive we observed four spotted dolphins swimming directly over a massive hammerhead, pinning it to the bottom. The spotters were obviously in control of this huge predator.

For details of this and other astonishing events from the trip read Hardy's blog

San Juan Killer Whale Population Falls

Our friends at the OrcaNetwork in the San Juan Islands report that five members of the beloved resident pods which spend much of the year in the San Juan Islands area failed to return from their wintering grounds. Their deaths are probably due to starvation compounded by PCB contamination. Gone are K28 (Raven), a 12 year-old mother, plus her four month-old calf; L43 (Jellyroll), a 34 year-old mother of three; L71 (Hugo), a 20 year-old male; and K41, a calf first seen in August, 2006.

Can the San Juan Orcas survive being the most contaminated mammals on earth?

BlueVoice is currently engaged in a worldwide study of the relationship between high toxic levels in marine mammals such as these orca and clusters of cancer in humans.

Link Between Ocean Toxins and Human Cancer

Brazilian Fishermen Kill 83 Dolphins and Laugh!

The Brazilian Environmental Protection Agency has obtained undercover video of Brazilian fishermen killing 83 dolphins and joking about their illegal haul.

The video obtained by an undercover researcher and broadcast on national television shows the dolphins, trapped in a net and suffocating because they could not surface to breathe.

As the dolphins were hauled from the sea and piled on the boat's deck, fishermen on board laughed after someone said, "Everyone's going to jail after this filming!" No one has been charged or fined because authorities were still trying to identify the fishermen caught on video.

To urge the Brazilian government to pursue this atrocity vigorously please email:

consular@brasilemb.org; visitbrazil@braziltourism.org

For the dolphins and whales,

Hardy Jones,
Executive Director

A Note From Hardy Jones

BlueVoice needs your financial support. We will soon be returning to Japan to continue our work to end the slaughter of dolphins.

We also need funding to gather information on the correlation between high toxic levels in marine mammals and cancer clusters in human beings. Perhaps revelations of this kind will provide the urgency necessary to halt the mindless dumping of toxic chemicals into the marine environment.

Thank you for your help.


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