Friday, October 26, 2007

Get Your Freaky Fish On

Halloween is fast approaching, and we couldn't think of a better time to pay homage to this ghoulishly delightful day than to celebrate the creepy, crawly critters of the deep - the ones that are too bizarre to live on land.

You helped us track down some of the freakiest fish of the deep, now we need your help deciding which one will take top honors in our 2007 contest. Last year's winner, the blobfish, may look like Ziggy's ugly cousin, but this year's finalists are equally freaky - if not more so. Take the tubeworm: it has no mouth, gut or anus and actually feeds using a bacteria that lives symbiotically within the worm. If that doesn't make your stomach churn just a bit, consider the Atlantic Hagfish, known by its alias, the slime eel. These guys are able to twist their serpentine bodies into myriad pretzel shapes, which help them wriggle into the open cavities of their prey so they can eat dinner from the inside out. Not impressed? Consider casting a vote for the Alien-like deep sea dragonfish, the goblin shark or the devil scorpionfish. You'll enjoy reading about each of these fish and others, when you make your selection for the Freakiest Fish 2007. Go vote now! We'll announce the winner on Halloween.

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