Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Help restore Gulf Greater Amberjack

Greater amberjack plays an important role in the Gulf’s ecosystem and fishing economy. But, that popularity has had its price. Decades of poor management and unsustainable fishing practices have resulted in greater amberjack being removed from the Gulf’s waters faster than the population can reproduce. Right now, our fishery managers have the opportunity to reverse this trend and restore the health of this valued fish. Please take action by urging the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council to end the overfishing of greater amberjack in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf fishery managers are currently considering changes in the management plan for greater amberjack. They have the opportunity to ensure the long-term health of this fish by applying scientific advice into on-the-water regulations. Annual catch levels based on science are the cornerstone of sustainable management and the best way to ensure fish for the future.
Your voice needs to be heard by the Council. They need to hear that we care about the Gulf's health and future of our communities. Please, take action today.

For more information and background, click here to read our fact sheet on greater amberjack.

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